Monday 12 December 2016

Proven ways to get Play Store download on your device

Though Android operating system is known to be an open source, Google’s proprietary apps are certainly regarded to be closed source apps. These include YouTube, Gmail, Google Play and Google Maps.
Play Store free download is possible when you have the Google Play installed in the device. Google tries to maintain list of devices which is easily compatible with Google Play. These downloads are possible in some certified devices that include tablets, Smartphone, televisions and gaming consoles.
Different ways for Play Store download
You will be able to come across with different ways through which Play Store apk download is possible. Though, it is being in the news that Google is now doing the updates for its Nexus series device which also includes latest Galaxy Nexus and Verizon Wireless devices.

But, if you are really eager for an update, then you can follow few simple steps and get it installed on your device:
1.      It is probably the easiest way. If you are having Google Books or music or movies already installed, then moving to Android Market will certainly help to update these apps.
2.      The Play Store free download will be possible when you update the pre-installed apps. You can open any of those apps and then click on store icon and this will take you to Google Play store.
3.      It will instruct you to go to settings menu. Click on menu button and find out applications which you need to manage. Click on all tab at top. Scroll down to Market and finally clear up all data and cache.
Compatibility of device is necessary
Google is highly conscious about maintaining compatibility with devices. For Play Store free download, phone vendors need to contact Google and then arrange for license which would give access to these apps on their handsets.

You have opportunity to look for Play Store apk download even from Google Play store which is available on Android-centric blog Droid-life. The APK file can further be downloaded from MediaFire and this installation would replace Android Market app.